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Our team brings a strong mix of business and financial experience, along with a proven track record of success in supporting (and investing) in early stage startups. We have a deep understanding of the tech ecosystem and a network of investors, advisors and connections that allows us to identify the most promising opportunities. Our team is led by experienced investors with a passion for supporting the next generation of market-leading startups. Together, we are dedicated to helping our portfolio companies achieve greatness.

Ovi March 22, 2022 - 023_websize.jpg

Ovi Hamama

Founder & Managing Director

Passionate about multi-asset private investments, the financial world, technology, and building new businesses with exceptional teams.Ovi spent the last 30 years building his career as a leading Israeli businessperson, a savvy tech angel investor. During his career Ovi has held various positions as a senior executive and board member of various companies in the Real Estate, Industry, and Tech sectors.


Ovi’s tech track record includes being the first investor of several marketdefining companies.


Ovi holds an MBA in Economics and Finance from Tel Aviv University.

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Kfir Kachlon

Founder & Managing Partner

Passionate about investing in brilliant outliers setting out to build exceptional industry defining, tech startups.

As an experienced VC with a track record full of investments in cutting edge technologies, Kfir enjoys taking active part in enabling the creation and development of rocket ships.


As an entrepreneur, founded L’etape Cycling Apparel, a consumer product company that designed, manufactured, and sold high quality and performance limited edition cycling apparel to the road cycling niche market. 


Kfir is a world traveler, an avid cyclist, and a proud sneakerhead,


Holds a LL.M in International Commercial Law from the Tel Aviv University in collaboration with UC Berkeley (Magna Cum Laude). 

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