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Founders FAQs

We compiled a list of Q&As we think are relevant for entrepreneurs considering 91 Ventures as a source of capital. We hope you find the right the answers, if not, we're only one email away. 

  • Which geographies do you invest in?
    We focus on investing in Israeli and/or Israeli-led startups (also globally).
  • Are you actively investing?
    Despite the challenging market conditions and downturn in tech investments, we remain actively investing and open for business. We are committed to supporting and growing the most promising Israeli startups and teams, and are excited to continue playing a key role in the local ecosystem.
  • What's your check size?
    We invest $500K-$1M in early stage startups (i.e. Pre-Seed/Seed stages).
  • Do you lead or follow?
    We take a hands-on approach to supporting the startups in our portfolio. This begins with our extensive deep-diligence and validation efforts, which help us identify potential challenges and create tailored roadmaps for each startup's development. We then provide significant financial backing to help companies execute on their plans. Because of our level of engagement and support, we prefer to be the leading investor in a round and work closely with founders as board members. We believe that this approach is key to helping our teams succeed.
  • What's your DD process?
    If we see a good fit between your startup and our fund thesis, we will engage with you beyond the initial introduction calls and begin our thorough Deep-Diligence process. This process involves diving deep into the fundamentals of your startup, including your vision, technology, team, market demand, and funding needs. We work closely with a network of industry experts to validate our analysis, and we expect the leadership team to be fully invested in the process, just as we are. This process typically takes a month and involves regular communication and updates. We believe that this level of engagement is key to ensuring a successful partnership.
  • When can we expect to hear back after we submit an application?
    We appreciate the fact you consider our fund as a potential partner for your startup. In general, we aim to provide a response to applications within 10-14 days of submission. We appreciate your patience and are carefully reviewing your application.
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